iMac (Mid 2011)


27-inch, 3.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7. Lion comes next month!

Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse.

Kheema Curry

Kheema curry.

Iwanori Ramen

Iwanori ramen.

River Bed Voyeur Photo...?

Ladies outdoors.

Sunday at Tama River


Yuzu Mushipan

My wife's specialty, steamed cake.

Steamed cake

These ones were made with yuzu cha, but she'll sometimes use kinako or banana instead.

Spring Blueberries

Today is the vernal equinox holiday. My blueberries are also fully in spring mode.

Blueberry buds

Strawberry Flowers

My strawberries have started blooming. The fruits are flavorless, but they smell great.

Strawberry flowers

I hope I can get a camera with a manual focus some day.

I Hit a Homerun

Free Homerun Bar



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